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GR2120-54 54″ Mower Deck

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GR2120-54 54″ Mower Deck


54″ Mower Deck

Kubota’s GR2120-54 is equipped with revolutionary technology, including Kubota’s exclusive ‘Glide Steer’, which offers excellent manoeuvrabilty and exceptional traction while preventing turf damage. Powered by a 21HP diesel engine, the four-wheel drive model tackles the biggest mowing jobs and rolling terrain with ease.

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GR2120 Specifications

Engine Model D782
Type 3 cylinders, diesel, water-cooled
Total displacement (cc) 778
Gross horsepower (kW) 15.6
Engine layout Horizontal
Fuel tank capacity (L) 18
Dimension Overall length (mm) 1960
Overall width (w/mower) (mm) 1700
Overall height (mm) 1290
Wheelbase (mm) 1280
Tread Front (mm) 825
Rear (mm) 800
Weight (w/mower) (kg) 440
Tyre size Front 16×7.5 – 8
Rear 23×10.50 – 12
Transmission Hydrostatic transmission
Transmission drive Shaft drive
Speed control Single foot pedal
Traveling speed Forward (km/h) 0 – 10.0
Reverse (km/h) 0 – 5.0
Cruise control Std.
Brake Internal expanding brake
PTO clutch Hydraulic wet multi discs
Mower deck drive Shaft drive
Steering system Glide Steer, hydraulic power steering
Operator’s deck Flat
Seat adjustment Slide
Seat suspension Mechanical suspension with weight adjustment
Fuel gauge Std.
Hour meter Std.
Easy checker Std.
Mower OPC. Std.
Travel OPC. Std.
Blade shut off brake PTO clutch
Grass catcher (optional) Capacity 350
Material of bag cloth

GR2120 Mower Deck Specifications

Cutting width (mm) 1219/1372
Lifting device Hydraulic
Mower mounting method Parallel linkage
Cutting height (mm) 25-102
Cutting height adjustment Dial gauge
Cutting height increments 1/4″
Number of blades 3
Direction of discharge Right side
Minimum uncut diameter (mm) 1100/900
Mower deck ground clearance (mm) 140

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