Lechler IDK nozzles

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Lechler IDK nozzles

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Lechler IDK nozzles

Lechler IDK nozzles

Low drift, compact air-injector flat spray nozzle with wide droplet spectrum (from extreme coarse to fine).

  • Air-aspirating flat-spray nozzle
  • Pressure range: IDK 01 to 03: 1.5 to 6.0 bar – IDK 04 to 06: 1.0 to 6.0 bar
  • Very low drift potential and loss-reducing effect in pressure range up to 3.0 bar (according to size)
  • At pressures above 3.0 bar, less drift resistance than other air induction nozzles, i.e., coarse-to medium droplet size characteristic
  • Very compact design (22 mm long)
  • Fits all 8 mm AF bayonet cap systems


  • General spraying – plant protectants and growth regulators
  • Liquid fertilizer (pure UAN) pressure range: IDK 01 to 03: 1.5 to 2.5 bar – IDK 04 to 06: 1.0 to 2.5 bar

Benefits of IDK nozzles

  • Inexpensive alternative to standard nozzles
  • Easy installation, with no adapter necessary
  • One-piece nozzle with fixed-position injector for toolless removal
  • Hard-wearing and non-clogging thanks to lateral air-aspirating channels of ample size
  • Very good deposition structure and canopy penetration



Lechler IDK nozzle Orange IDK 120-01

IDK 120-01

Lechler IDK nozzle Green IDK 120-015

IDK 120-015

Lechler IDK nozzle Yellow IDK 120-02

IDK 120-02

Lechler IDK nozzle Purple IDK 120-025

IDK 120-025

Lechler IDK nozzle Blue IDK 120-03

IDK 120-03

Lechler IDK nozzle Red IDK 120-04

IDK 120-04

Lechler IDK nozzle Brown IDK 120-05

IDK 120-05

Lechler IDK nozzle Grey IDK 120-06

IDK 120-06

Lechler IDK nozzle White IDK 120-08

IDK 120-08

IDK nozzle spray table

lechler idk spray nozzle table / chart

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