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Direct Chemical Injection

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Direct Chemical Injection

Goldacres leads the way in DCI technology and offers the most flexible range of options and configurations on the market.

DCI offers many benefits to your spraying operation, including:

  • The ability to switch chemicals at the push of a button
  • Stop spraying at any time
  • Avoid chemical degradation in water
  • Save time on filling and decontamination
  • Apply up to 5 products at 5 rates in 1 pass

Goldacres DCI modules feature:

  • Venturi chemical induction
  • Integrated tank rinsing
  • Clearly labelled, simple to use, EZ control
  • Specially designed chemical storage tanks
  • Positive displacement pump
  • Sensor and alarm system to provide immediate feedback to operator
  • Specially engineered mixing chamber for thorough inline mixing

Save time

  • Carry enough chemical for several tank fills
  • Save time on tank mixing at every fill
  • Faster and easier decontamination
  • No pre-mixed chemicals
  • The chemical rate can be changed ‘on the go’
  • Tank agitation may not be required – precise chemical mixture from start to finish

Designed to suit you

Goldacres offers nine standard configurations of single, double and triple DCI modules. The new bulk DCI 600 litre tank on the Prairie Evolution enables fast refilling and more economical use of bulk chemical shuttles. The low volume pump option allows even the smallest application rate.

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