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Chemical Handling – Batchmate

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Chemical Handling – Batchmate

Every agricultural operation is looking to improve its efficiency where ever possible. Correct batching and mixing of product to the label is the start of any spraying task.

Getting this process right is the start of a successful spraying program. A lot of sprayers on the market may be good applicators of product but their on board mixing systems are not adequate, and not working well enough for today’s demands. Australian farmers are now using more sophisticated blends of chemicals to combat a range of weeds to stop the ongoing threat of resistance, a lot of these mixes need careful and lengthy mixing. When relying on an on-board system to mix, you are using in some cases over 300 horsepower to drive an inefficient system for a poor result. 30% of a Sprayers life is spent with the key turned on filling. Goldacres has released its 800 litre Batchmate to the Australian market for this very reason. The Batchmate offers the operator a fast, safe and efficient way of mixing, batching and filling all with the economy and reliability of the Honda GX200 engine and Aussie pump with 600 litres per minute flow. The Batchmate is portable, easy to use, and proven. With input costs rising the Batchmate gives the operator the benefit of:

  • Reduced depreciation of the Sprayer
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Faster fill time
  • Improved mix quality
  • Greater productivity


Chemical Handling - Batchmate drumbuster spear / spike for spliting drums for bags

Drumbuster spear

The fully stainless drum buster knife is designed to pierce the bottom of a steel or plastic drum with its centre spike then opens the drum with the tapered blades. The drum buster knife speeds up the loading of chemical into the batchmate to get you back out spraying as quickly as possible. A drum flushing nozzle and stainless basket strainer are fitted inside the large lid on the batchmate. The nozzle can be used to flush out chemical jugs or drums without having to use the drum busting knife.

Chemical Handling - Batchmate Rinse valve control station

Rinse Valve Station

Easy to follow intuitive control panel ensures operators easily understand the batchmate operation and the flow of chemical throughout the system.

Chemical Handling - Batchmate 23 litre handwash tank

Rinse Down gun & Hand wash tank

We all know handling chemical can be dirty work and has it’s oh&s risks, therefore a separate supply of fresh water is always accessible. As an added safety feature we have also included a soap dispenser and wash down gun as standard fitments


Dimensions Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
800L 1520 1670 1200


Feature Description
Main Tank 800L capacity
Full sloped tank drain sump
Twin tank lids for easy cleaning or loading
Easy access rain tank valve
Frame Sturdy 40mm RHS skid base construction
Fork slots for easy handling
Unladen weight 250kg
Engine Honda GX200 petrol engine and 3″ high volume centrifugal poly pump with chemical
Pump Open flow pump capacity of 610 l/min drawing from Batchmate tank (open flow from pump alone is approximately 1010 l/min)
25 metre maximum pump head
Plumbing Plumbed with Banjo manifold flange fittings
3″ camlock main fill and delivery points
Induction High capacity venturi with chemical induction probe
Drumbuster for rapid loading of drums
Control Station Clearly labeled control station including:

  • Chemical probe
  • RB35 wash down gun and 4m x 20mm hose
  • Drum rinse nozzle

Pressure Gauge
23L hand wash tank with soap dispenser

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